X10Hosting Review – Is It Worth Of Using?


x10Hosting has been a well-known web hosting provider for many years. They offer both a Free and a Premium plan. Their Premium package includes one-click app installation, Customer support, and a Free domain name.

Free plan

X10Hosting is a free web hosting provider that was launched in 2004. Since then, it has been operating steadily and has provided reliable hosting services to several websites. It offers free hosting services to customers but also provides premium plans.

Customers who take advantage of x10Hosting’s premium plans can expect unlimited storage, unlimited databases, user-friendly features, and more. They can also access free SEO tools, which will make it easier to promote their sites.

X10Hosting offers customers a free website builder. It is a professional-looking template that allows users to create websites effortlessly.

It also provides users with an automatic script installer. It is also equipped with WordPress multisite hosting, enabling users to set up a network of websites quickly.

X10Hosting also has a community support forum where users can share ideas and get help from other users. However, the platform cannot handle a large number of requests.

Therefore, users have mixed feelings about the quality of x10Hosting’s technical support. Some complain that the license is slow, while others think the support team is constructive.

Premium package

X10Hosting has been around for a decade and has a reputation for being a high-performing provider. They have several free hosting plans and premium hosting plans. X10Hosting has a large community of 750,000 members.

They offer features, including an automated script installer, that make it easy to set up a website. The site has a WordPress multisite platform, allowing users to set up and manage a network of spots quickly. Its webmail platform will enable users to schedule, archive, and monitor emails.

X10Hosting’s premium hosting plans offer more than just unlimited storage. Users can also enjoy total domains, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited databases.

Its premium version uses a first-class enterprise server, giving users the security and performance of a professional hosting platform. In addition, X10Hosting offers a premium website builder with 150 custom templates.

The company also offers several other features, including a WordPress multisite hosting platform and a robust set of search engine optimization tools. In addition, X10Hosting has an impressive team with over ten years of experience.

One-click app installation feature

x10Hosting, arguably the most feature-rich web host, has several features, one of which is its OneClick application.

This nifty piece of software allows you to install up to 300 applications from various vendors in a few clicks. The service comes with freebies, including a free SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address, and a free domain name.

Besides, x10Hosting allows you to customize your web hosting experience to your heart’s content. Lastly, x10Hosting has a team of expert support personnel to assist you in migrating your old web host to the new one.

X10Hosting has a free one-year package, but if you want to stay with the company for the long haul, this is the service for you. Aside from the freebies, x10Hosting offers an easy-to-navigate dashboard to get you off on the right foot.

Its suite of tools includes a comprehensive webmail client, a dedicated forum for user community interaction, and various tools and services for managing your servers.

Customer support

x10Hosting offers quality hosting plans at competitive prices. These plans are designed to meet your needs.

They provide various perks and services, including unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL database, and FTP. They offer premium data transfer, cloud web hosting, and x10VPS virtual server service.

x10Hosting’s customer support is excellent. They answer your questions within 30 minutes to one hour. They also offer a support ticket that you can use to help you with problems or questions.

x10Hosting has a large user base. They have over 750,000 members. They are a private American hosting company. They focus on providing website hosting services.

They have offices in Tilton, New Hampshire. They host over 290,000 websites. They use top-of-the-range server hardware and private cloud software. They use SSD drives for the highest loading speed.

x10Hosting offers free web hosting for three years. They offer a free cPanel and a free SSL certificate. They also provide free domain names and free subdomains.

They do not add ads to their free websites. They also offer a free website builder. They have forums for discussions. They also provide a risk-free trial.

x10Hosting is very easy to set up. They use cPanel, a web-based control panel that lets you manage your websites. X10Hosting is one of the few free web hosts that offers full cPanel access.

x10Hosting has a cPanel X3 control panel designed to simplify website management. You will also benefit from over 200 auto-install scripts. You can also change the cPanel theme.

x10Hosting also offers a free SSL certificate. They also offer a free website builder, a great tool to make building your website easy.

x10Hosting offers free cloud web hosting. They also provide premium cloud web hosting without payment. They offer a one-click WordPress auto-installer.

They also provide a free domain name. Their control panel includes R1 Soft Server Backup Manager, which automatically backs up your data. They also have SEO tools that can help boost your search engine ranking.

x10Hosting is suitable for high-traffic websites. Their control panel is easy to use. They also offer a free SSL certificate, free domain name, and unlimited disk space.