Host Your Domain Name on Bluehost

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Bluehost is a leading web hosting company. Find out about your domain name on BlueHost as it is a part of the Endurance International Group and was ranked in the top 20 largest web hosts in 2015. As of 2015, the company hosted over two million domains. In 2010, it was one of the top 50 web hosts. In addition, Bluehost offers domain parking and automatic database backups.

Domain name registrations are non-refundable

If you want to host your domain name on Bluehost, you should be aware of the company’s non-refundable policy.

The registration fee for domain names is non-refundable, and once the registration period has expired, Bluehost will hold on to it for 30 days. During this time, it is unavailable to the public and cannot be registered elsewhere. You can request for the domain to be recovered, but there is a $70 fee to do so.

However, you can opt to transfer your domain name to another registrar if you’re not happy with Bluehost. To do this, you need to contact customer support and request that your domain name not be renewed automatically. Alternatively, you can point your domain to a new hosting provider from within your Bluehost account.

Another important issue to be aware of when choosing hosting on Bluehost is that the company doesn’t offer an automatic cancellation option. To cancel your account, you must initiate a Live Chat or email support ticket.

Once you’ve received a response from the support team, you can cancel your account. Bluehost’s cancellation policy is pro-rated and excludes certain website development costs. However, if you’re not satisfied with their service, you can cancel your account within 30 days, and receive a pro-rated refund.

Domain parking is included

Domain parking is a great way to keep your domain name from expiring. The process is essentially the same as securing a normal domain. Enter the domain you wish to park in the browser bar. If it does not exist yet, you can check it by performing a WHOIS search.

There are several benefits to using Domain Parking. Not only does it protect your brand name and brand value, it can help you protect your website from cybersquatting.

The service also gives you the flexibility to use secondary domains, while keeping your primary domain as your primary. Using this service can also help you catch misguided traffic.

Another benefit of using Domain parking with Bluehost is the fact that you can park an unlimited number of domains. You can use your cPanel account to host multiple parked domains at one time, which means you don’t have to log into multiple hosting accounts. Another advantage is that you don’t have to pay for each domain that you park.

Bluehost is the most popular and reliable web host in the world, with over 2 million websites hosted with the company. It’s a great choice for beginners and those looking for an affordable hosting solution.

To add a domain to your Bluehost account, simply login to your CPanel account. Navigate to Domains > Add Domain and select the domain you want to park.

Automatic database backups are included

Bluehost offers automatic database backups, and you can access them via your cPanel. However, the backups are incomplete, so you may find some files missing.

You might also experience problems when restoring files after a failed upload. To avoid these problems, it is best to name the backup files so you can easily find the appropriate version.

Bluehost’s backups are kept for 30 days. After that, you must download and save the old backup. This is important because losing data can ruin your site.

You can spend countless hours and resources building the perfect site, so losing data can be devastating. Therefore, Bluehost regularly performs backups on its servers to protect its customers’ data.

Bluehost also has a feature called Site Backup Pro. This tool is located in the Files section of your cPanel. This tool will allow you to backup your database.

Using it is easy. Simply access your Bluehost account and access phpMyAdmin. Choose the database name you’d like to backup. You can either use the Quick or Custom export options to back up your database.

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its hosting services. However, it does not offer a money-back guarantee for domain names or add-on services. Additionally, Bluehost’s standard prices are comparable to competing hosting services.

Bluehost offers a generous money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your web hosting experience, Bluehost can help you get your money back. This web hosting company offers a generous money-back guarantee for a whole month. They have a variety of plans and a world-class webmail service.

They also offer a powerful control panel called cPanel, which you can access through email. It offers a number of tools for website management, including a file manager, an FTP client, a MySQL database editor, and more.

Bluehost’s plans are priced competitively and offer generous storage and bandwidth. The plans range from basic to plus. The basic plan starts at $2.95 a month, which is about $1 less than SiteGround.

The Plus plan is the same price as the Basic plan, but comes with additional features like Domain Privacy + Protection, Site Backup, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Bluehost also offers a free domain. However, make sure to back up your content before canceling. This is because the hosting company is not responsible for any loss or damage to your website. If you decide to cancel your account, Bluehost will deduct the domain fee from the refund.

It’s a good choice for small businesses

Bluehost is an affordable and reliable option for small businesses looking to host their website. Its website management features are easy to use. It also offers a variety of features for selling products and services online.

It’s easy to set up a store and track shipping, secure payments, and apply taxes. Many businesses find that Bluehost is an excellent one-stop-shop option for small businesses.

Bluehost also offers good support for its customers. The company has a 24-hour help desk and in-house technical experts. The live chat service isn’t instantaneous, but technical support representatives can typically solve most problems. The company offers a free trial for users to try out its live chat service without registering.

The company offers several different types of hosting plans for small businesses. There are three basic packages. Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus are ideal for small businesses. Bluehost has a dedicated hosting option available for businesses that require a higher level of hosting.

These plans include more than three hundred pre-designed templates. The service is affordable, easy to use, and can grow with the needs of the business.

Bluehost also offers multiple site tools. They offer WordPress and Weebly website builders, as well as a mobile website builder. Additionally, customers can manage their sites using their FTP or File Manager. Bluehost also offers a variety of services for marketing, including social media marketing, advertising, and content creation.

It’s not the cheapest

While the introductory price of Bluehost hosting may be attractive, it’s not the most affordable option. After all, you’ll have to pay for renewal after the first term is up. You’ll also have to pay for multiple add-ons, which significantly raises the price of the plan.

Bluehost has various hosting plans that offer different computing power and storage. The main differences between plans are the size of your website and the amount of disk space you can have.

For instance, the Basic plan allows for one website, and limits disk space to 50GB. Other plans allow for unlimited sites and unlimited disk space.

Dedicated servers from Bluehost are not the cheapest, but they offer the most control and resources. Dedicated servers are ideal for complex and high-traffic websites. Dedicated servers offer reliable performance, dedicated resources, and tight security.

Building a dedicated server requires the expertise of a development team or full-stack developer. Bluehost offers a variety of dedicated server plans from one-month to 36 months.

Bluehost’s basic shared hosting plans offer various pricing options. The Basic plan is designed for portfolio websites and costs $2.95 a month. Alternatively, you can purchase a Bluehost Plus plan to host multiple sites on the same account. The latter is essentially the same as the Choice Plus plan, but costs $5.45.

It doesn’t offer an uptime guarantee

Despite Bluehost’s claim that their servers are 99% uptime, it’s possible to find more than 99% downtime. The good news is that Bluehost has plenty of features to protect your website. The company offers three free anti-spam tools, hotlink protection, and secure shell access.

You can also get paid add-ons such as SiteLock, which scans your site for viruses and other malware every day. It also provides free backups and 24/7 monitoring of its servers.

While Bluehost doesn’t offer an uptime warranty, it still offers a robust service and low prices. The plans are inclusive, speedy, and feature-rich. They’re suitable for beginners and small business owners alike. There are some negative reviews, but they’re far outnumbered by positive ones.

Unlike many web hosts, Bluehost makes daily backups as a courtesy. But it doesn’t offer a guarantee – it may try to upsell you with a paid backup add-on. Most hosts, however, make daily backups and keep them for around a month. If Bluehost doesn’t offer an uptime policy, then you should consider another host.